Fireman’s Water-Fight & Ball

Volunteers have been fighting fires in Fort Bragg for more than 100 years!  During Paul Bunyan Days, the firefighters add a little fun to the hard work of protecting the life and property of their coastal community. Get ready to get wet Saturday August 31 at 3:00, on W Spruce, just West of Highway 1 (directions).

According to Willits firefighter Dave Shelton, the annual water fights started sometime in the late 1940s or early 1950s. A Willits Frontier Days article explains, “The hope was to develop an awareness in the community for the need of volunteer firefighters. It started with water fights between firefighters from Willits and Fort Bragg. These two teams battled for a perpetual trophy in Willits on the 4th of July, then in Fort Bragg during Paul Bunyan Days.”

The article continues, “Dave remembers one year, when he was the nozzelman for the Willits team. He went head-to-head with the nozzelman from the Fort Bragg team for three hours in just one of the rounds. Finally they both collapsed with no winner declared! A time limit was set after that, and because of liability the loose barrel was tethered (the barrel would sometimes end up in the crowd).”


Boy these guys and gals clean up good!  When the water fighting’s over, the dancing begins at the annual Firemen’s Ball.

Put on your party duds and gather at the Pentecost Hall, 822 Stewart St. The action starts at 9 and continues until 1:30 am.

For more information about the Fireman’s events call the Fire House at (707) 961-2831.


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