Footlighters Gas Light Gayeties

Paul Bunyan Days Old Photos-9246Footlighters has been a part of the Labor Day Celebration since 1948 when the Mayor’s wife, Haley Wood decided that Fort Bragg needed a little culture…. so she started a local theater group that built its theme around the 1890’s when Fort Bragg was booming as a logging and fishing community. The “Gas Light Gayeties” transformed into the “Fort Bragg Footlighters”.

This year’s play is once again part of the Labor Day Celebration. There are two shows that weekend, Sat. & Sun nights. Come join the fun as we Cheer the hero, Ahhhhh the heroine & Boo the villain. This year’s production is: “A Star is Born…REEEEALLY?” or “What’s a Nice Girl Like You….”

Will those Clara Patience Ladies chop up the Saloon with their axe? Will Percy’s dream come true that famed stage actress Josephina Borgia graces the stage of his Saloon? Will Bessie EVER take a bath? Will our Heroine Faith get swooped up by that dastardly Villain Desmond Daulton? Or will she find true love in the form of our handsome Hero Lance Goodbody? Just exactly what will be Faith’s fate? Most of all……What in tarnation is the horrible smell?!! Come see for yourself and have a few laughs with us!!!!

Opening night July 12. Shows every Wed & Sat night. at 248 E Laurel St. Tickets $12.00. Doors open at 7:30, show starts at 8:00.

Sat. & Sun. thru Labor Day Weekend. at 248 E Laurel St. Tickets $12.00. Doors open at 7:30, show starts at 8:00.

Labor Day Weekend Schedule-Sat. Aug 30th & Sun. Aug 31st Reservations 707-812-6464





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