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There’s tons of family fun at Paul Bunyan Days – something for everyone, especially kids and families. Some events are just-for-kids while others are for anyone who’s young at heart.

The Tricycle Race, Kiddie Parade and Kiddie Games draw little competitors, while kids of all ages enjoy the Ugly Dog Contest, the Craft Show, and the Paul Bunyan Days Parade.

The just-for-kids events are the Kiddie Tricycle Race, the Kiddie Parade, and the Kiddie Games.

The Tricycle Race takes place on East Laurel Street. Entrants gather at 9:30 for sign-ups, and the races start at 10:00.  Enter the morning of the race, download the Tricycle Race entry form, or pick one up at Century 21, 809 N Main, in Fort Bragg. There are 4 divisions: 0-2 year olds, 3-4, and 5-6. Prizes are awarded for 1st, 2nd, & 3rd place in each division.

The Kiddie Parade is a short, fun parade that happens right after the tricycle race. Registration begins at 11:00 and the parade starts at 11:30. This parade is just for kids, kids on foot, in wagons, on bikes, pretty much anything they can dream up. Costumes are optional, but many kids come dressed as their favorite character – even Paul Bunyan, who will be there live and in-person.  Contact Tanya Ayala at 961-3604 or 972-9714 for more information or download the entry form: Kiddie Parade Entry Form.

The Kiddie Games happen Saturday noon to 3, at the CV Starr Community Center, 300 S. Lincoln. Like all just-for-kids events, they are free and just-for-fun… unless you count the glory of winning and your very own ribbon to celebrate your achievement. Old-fashion games and small town fun for every kid who wants to play.

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