At Paul Bunyan Days everyone is a winner… but some people get ribbons, receive special honors, even win big cash prizes.

Parade Results 2013

Kiddie Parade Results 2013

Ugly dog winners 2013

Logging ShowThe Male Overall Logger was Madison Thomson and the Female Overall Logger was Ariel Thomson – Brother and Sister!

Tricycle Race
0-2 Winners: 1st Lilian Denny, 2nd Josephine Tumova, 3rd Xander Caranicolas

3-4 Winners: 1st Timmy Rippey 2nd Courtney Baker 3rd Sofia Catone

5-6 Winners: 1st Elio Nelepovitz, 2nd Colter Downing, 3rd Anna Catone

Adult Winners 1st Jessie Baker, 2nd Mark Hill

Belle of the Redwoods

Adriane Woodward – Belle

Ananda Wesley – runner up

Megan Spence – Little Miss Belle


Singles: 1st Joey Mankinen, 2nd Marty Scribner, 3rd Sean Pyorre

Doubles: 1st Jimmy Lowe & Emmitt Lowe, 2nd Joey Mankinen & Justin Pyorre, 3rd Darly Adams & Rod Dockins

Old Fashion Dress Review 

1st  Judy Howard Martin – 1960’s Cocktail Dress with Fur Accessories

2nd  Virginia Taylor – 1920’s Flapper

3rd  Angie Vaughn – 1950’s Polka Dot Day Dress with White Hat


Comptche Fire Dept

 High School Pie Eating Contest

1st Sam Perkins

2nd Hunter Casey

3rd Ronaldo Macias


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