Kiddie Parade and Tricycle Race Winners 2011

Kiddie Parade 2011


1st Lillian Chaney & Nathaniel Balassi

2nd Jaymen Joden & Jeanna Stickels

3rd Ryan Weeher

Bikes & Trikes

1st Alyssa Sheldon

2nd Annabell Marin Guinan

3rd Elijah Hall


1st Broderick & Zachary Hill

2nd Ophelia Warren

3rd Emalyn Maik


1st, 2nd, and 3rd – Fort Bragg 4-H


Lillian Chaney & Nathaniel Balassi

Tricycle Race Winners

Age group 0-2
1st Place= Hunter Short
2nd Place= Saskia Knys
3rd Place=Colton Wasson (He went the farthest distance!!!)

Age Group 3-4
1st Place= Kingston Placido
2nd Place=Annabell Guinam
3rd Place= Marley Knys

Age Group 5-6
1st Place= Eli Hendricks
2nd Place= Diego Sanchez

A big thanks to our sponsors from Century 21 Fort Bragg Realty and O’Baby