Paul Bunyan Days Labor Day Weekend

2014 Winners are starting to come in… scroll down to read the latest.

2014 Paul Bunyan Labor Day Parade

Logging Truck
1st Will Grohman
2nd Rossetto
3rd Viera

Float Small
1st Mendocino Solar Service
2nd John Katic Family
3rd Fort Bragg Grange

 Float Medium
1st Footlighters
2nd Harvest Market
3rd Fort Bragg Little League Allstars

Float Large
Fort Bragg High School Football

Sr Marching Band
1st HSU Lumberjacks
2nd Mexican Vaqueros

Jr. Marching Band
Fort Bragg High School Marching Band

1st Fort Bragg 4-H
2nd Sea Dragons
3rd Maness Family

Sr. Marching/Drill
Fort Bragg High School Cheer

Jr. Marching Drill
1st Mighty Mights Cheer
2nd Jr. Cubs Cheer
3rd Cubs Cheer

Football Team
1st Mighty Mights
2nd Jr. Cubs
3rd Cubs

Truck Under One Ton
1st Fort Bragg Shrine
2nd Tim Taubald

Truck Over one Ton
1st Fort Bragg Food Bank
2nd Westport Fire
3rd Mendocino Coast Humane Society

1st Fort Bragg High School Soccer
2nd Parents and Friends
3rd Walk Bike Bus Brigade

Misc. Non-Float
1st Debbie Krause and her Goat
2nd Parents and Friends
3rd Redwood Shrine

Mounted Color
 1. Shorline Riders

Authentic Wear
1. Mexicanor Vaqueros

Horse Drawn Vehicle
1. Steve Woulty

1st Chenoa Sipila
2nd Keystone Cops
3rd The Coast.

Special Chairmans Award
Rotary Club of Fort Bragg Float “Reading Aloud Lites up Lives.”

Ugly Dog Contests

Mariah won Best in Show and Best Looking. Rascal Deux won Ugliest, Bella was Smartest, Winkie was smallest, Rosie looked most like her owner and Gizmo was Best Dressed.


Phyllis Arreguin first, Shanna Bayless won second place, Amanda Bosma won third – and they all did an awesome job!

Kiddie Parade

Float – Wagon
1st Stella Ann McAllister & Thunder
2nd Ianeon Morgan
3rd May & Lindeblad

1st Payton Land & Capri Richards
2nd Julian Kaikea Norman-Guarachi
3rd Courtney Baker

Avery Harris

1st Autumn Rose Guinan
2nd Sophia Larkin
3rd Annabelle Guinan

Best of Theme Grand Prize Winner
Autumn Rose Guinan

Winners of Donated Bicycles
Donavan Lindeblad
Elian Smith

Steam Donkey Run

Did you see the fun run right before the parade? Here are the results from the second annual Steam Donkey Run:

Under 18 y/o
1. Nick Pelavin, 5:26
2. Sam Russell, 5:51
3. Ben Kroninger, 6:12

Adult (over 18 y/o)
1. Marchelo Bresciani, 5:45
2. Luis Sciocchetti, 7:37
3. Anna Borcich, 8:49


Logging Show
All Around Logger
Men – Madison Thomson
Women- Alicia Denorie
Axe Throw- Women– Gwyndolyn Ozard (Fort Bragg)
Axe Throw – Men– Wesley Palmer(Arcata)
Double Buck Handsaw – Men – Madison Thomson(Fort Bragg)
& Elliott Brooks(Caspar)
Double Handsaw Bucking – Women- Ariel Thomson(Fort Bragg)
& Allison Chambers(Fort Bragg)
Men’s Chain Saw Bucking- Kurt Johnson(Ukiah)
Women’s Chain Saw Bucking- Ariel Thomson (Fort Bragg)
Women’s Single Handsaw- Alicia Denorie(Arcata)
Men’s Single Handsaw- Daniel Bonneville(Santa Rosa)
Choker Setting- Men Elliott Brooks
Choker Setting- Women Ariel Thomson
Jack & Jill – Alicia Denorie & Wesley Palmer
Women’s Hand Chopping- Rebekka Nielson(Fortune)
Men’s Hand Chopping- Len Nielson(Fortune)
Pole Climbing – Spencer Musgrove(Willits)

Pillow Fight
Pre-Kindergarten – Madalynn Iverson (4years old)
Kindergarten – Jasper Goeken
1st Grade – Andrew Sanchez
2nd Grade – Darren Henman Jr.
3rd Grade – Amber Rose
4th Grade – Ryan Sutton
5th Grade – Kaylee Lydick
6th Grade – Elijah Hall
7th Grade – Angel Echeverris

Tricycle Race 
0-2 year olds
1st Place: Landen Morgan
2nd Place: Jedediah Sweaven
3rd Place: Ella Gregory

3-4 Year Olds
1st Place: Paige Gamez
2nd Place: Pirate O’Neal
3rd Place: Logan Dean

5-6 Year Olds
1st Place: Colter Downing
2nd Place: Trevor Stowe
3rd Place: Kiley Allen

Old Fashioned Dress Review
Best of Show = Hailey Choate
2nd Place = Cheryl Conwell
3rd Place = Chrystal Rowley
Best Child/Teenager = Makena Mari

Hot Dog Eating

Matthew Gomes with 10.5 hot dogs in 5 minutes!



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Labor Day weekend 2014 means 75 Years of Paul Bunyan lumber-jack rowdy good time!

The fun starts Friday, August 29 and continues through Labor Day, Monday September 1.

Named for the bigger-than-life logger and his giant blue ox, the festival celebrates the history of the community and pays tribute to the strength of the people who live here.

Paul Bunyan hosts the festival live and in person. When you see him say hello and ask him to pose for a picture.  He’s everywhere – at the action-packed contests, community parades, reviews, shows and fairs.  He also crowns the Belle of the Redwoods and makes certain Kangaroo Kort doesn’t get too rowdy.

Whew… when does he sleep?

Paul Bunyan Days is family friendly, packed with free (or almost free) activities so everyone can come. The Paul Bunyan Days Association organizes it, community sponsors pay for it, and volunteers make it happen.

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