Tricycle Race & Kiddie Parade Winners

Tricycle Race
0-2 years: 1) Timmy Rippey 2) Judy 3) Nico Nelepovitz
3-4 years: 1) Madeleine Barteau 2) Elio Nelepovitz 3) Kaya Harrown
5-6 years: 1) Daniel Farmer 2) Kenai Valadao 3) Jedin Stickels
Kiddie Parade
Category: Float/Wagon
1st place: Ryan Welter and Elijah Kirkley
2nd place: Joden, Jaymen and Geana Stickels
3rd place: Jacob Welter and Abigail Kirkley
Category: Walking
1st place: Elias and Levi Smith
2nd place: Ophelia Warren
3rd place: Courtney Baker
Category: Animal
1st place: Mackenzie Pyorre and Emersyn Klick
2nd place: Arianna Ahein
3rd place: Ruby Hall
Category: Bike/Tricycle
1st place: Aurora Eichelbenger
2nd place: Payton Land
3rd place: Annabell Guinan
Category Best Theme
1st place: Autumn Guinan