Winners 2016

Logging Show

2016 Logging Show Results

Tricycle Races

Winner’s Report from Laurel Street Speedway
We had beautiful weather to kick off our Labor Day Weekend events. All the kids were winners in my book. They peddled their little hearts out and here are the results!!!

0-2 Years Old
1st Place-Colton Muniz
2nd PlaceDavid Renteria
3rd Place-Teresa Ugulano

3-4 Years Old
1st Place-Erick Briceno
2nd Place-Christopher Peeler
3rd Place-Violet Magee

5-6 Years Old
1st Place-Logan Dean
2nd Place-Josephine Timova
3rd Place-Lilly Hagan

Kiddie Parade

75 entries
8 BBQ passes
4 Circus Passes
1 $25 gift cert to Blaqk Door
3 Cowlick’s gift certificates
Fort Bragg Cyclery donated a bicycle again this year, to Grand Prize winner Isaac Crotzer, who is 4 years old.

Hot Dog Eating Contest

Matthew Gomes wins Hot Dog Eating Contest – 8.5 hot dogs in 5 minutes! He won a $200.00 gift certificate to Reynolds Men’s Wear. Kyle Dean was 2nd place and received a $100 gift certificate to Reynolds’ Men’s Wear.

(not just Ugly) Dog Contests

Best Dressed
1. Trigger Rachel Belvin
2. Bailey Kim Bratton
3. Gus Matthew D’Anis
Owner Look-Alike
1. Trigger Rachel Belvin
2. Layia Aurora
3. Yates Kate Donohue (tie)
Jessie Kate Donohue (tie)
1. Peanut Candy Fox
2. Chico Debbie
3. Rascal Stephanie Covington
1. Sanuk Christine Cellathy
2. Brutus Nancy Scilino
3. Chewie Peter Jonk-Sommer
Best Looking
1. Thistle
2. Booker
3. Toby
1. Hidee-ho Edward Carter
2. Rosio Scottie Ginell
3. Lupin
Best Frisbee/Disc
1. Thistle (tie)
Moma (tie) Lena Audo
1. Dexter Cameron Jackson
2. Amos Andy Carr
3. Ellie Rose


1st: Sea Dragons
2nd: Seniors on Bikes “SOBS”
3rd: Fort Bragg Grange

Float small
1st: Katic Family
2nd: Mighty mites cheer

Float Medium
1st: Footlighters
2nd: Rotary
3rd: Coast Youth Soccer League

Large Float
1st. Green Acres

Sr. Marching
1st: FBHS Cheerleading
2nd: VFW Color guard

Jr. Marching
1st: FBMS Cubs Chwwe
2ND: Mighty mites cheer
3rd: Jr Cubs Cheer

Group Sports (new category)
1st: Mighty Mites football
2nd: FBMS cubs football
3rd: FBHS Soccer

Jr. Band:
1st: FBHS Football (they sang some songs, it was cute!)

Sr. Band:
1st: HSU Marching lumberjacks
2nd: Vaqueros Mexicanos

Original/Restored Vehicle
1st: Botanical Gardens 1964 VW Beetle
2nd: Carol Millsap
3rd: Botanical Gardens 1956 Ford F-100

Truck under 1 Ton
1st: Sin Palabras
2nd: Humane Society
3rd: Tsunami nacho

Truck over 1 ton
1st: Westport Fire
2nd: Westport Fire

Logging Truck
1st: Philbrick logging
2nd: Barnett logging
3rd: Mendocino Redwood Company

Misc. non Float
1st: Joker Clowns
2nd: Keystone Cops
3rd: Annie Goatly

Mounted Authentic wear
1st: Vaqueros Mexicanos

Mounted color guard
1st: Shoreline riders

Old Fashion Dress Review

Best of Show- Julie Smith
2nd Place- Judy Martin
3rd Place- Shawndra Miller
Best Footlighter Costume – Dione
Best Childs attire – Chloe Martin
Best Senior Lady – Gwen Papp
Special Thank You to Linda Jones.