Belle of the Redwoods

Belle of the Redwoods for 2012 is Miss Becky Sanchez, the first runner up is Miss Maja Lin Kendal.

The Belle of the Redwoods competition is not a beauty contest. Rather, it’s a fun way for girls and young women to make a little mad money. Contestants sell chances to win $1000 in cash and great prizes donated by local merchants.

The tickets cost just $5, or 5 for $20. All contestants keep 10% of their  ticket sales, except for the girls who sells the most in their category – they each keep 20%! The Belle also wins a $300 cash prize, The second place Belle wins an additional $150, and the third wins $50 more. LilMiss Belle

Winning Belles and Lil’Miss Belles receive their crowns Sunday afternoon at the Paul Bunyan Days Logging Show.

The contestants look like Belles in old fashion dresses, which they’re loaned and asked to wear when selling tickets or representing the Paul Bunyan Association at events like the Parade or Logging Show.

If you’d like more information, or are interested in being a Lil’Miss Belle or Belle of the Redwood participant, download the Belle and LilMiss Entry form 2013. For more information call Lena Gentile at 707-972-0921 or email


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