Labor Day Parade

I love a parade! Especially the Paul Bunyan Days Labor Day Parade.  It’s quite a spectacle… there are fun-to-funky floats, lively bands, marching groups of all stripes, sizes and abilities… plus some entries that simply defy description.

Everyone turns out – if they’re not in the parade, they’re sitting on curbs, camp stools, lawn chairs and backs of trucks cheering friends and families! It’s the perfect small town event, one not to be missed. Come early to snag a good spot – and leave plenty of time to walk-in once adjacent roads close.

The parade is always on Labor Day; it begins at 12 noon; participants start checking in at the Pine Street Skunk Train parking lot at 10.

Click here for a Parade Entry Form 2022


  1. Where can they get applications? Applications are available online at They will also be available through the Thursday before the parade at Sport Dodge in Fort Bragg and the Chamber of Commerce Visitor Center.
  2. What time can they get in line? Check in begins at 9:00 a.m. it is best, if you have a motorized entry, to be checked in and parked at your assigned position between 9:30 & 10 am. You should not bring your entry to the check in stand. Send a representative to register.
  3. Where do I stage the floats? Floats will be staged on West Street and W. Pine Street. Numbers are marked on the street with chalk the morning of the parade. You will be given your number at the time of check in
  4. What is the parade route? The route runs from the corner of Main and Pine Streets, east to Franklin, then south on Franklin to Oak Street, then Oak to Main and finally, Main to Pine. The parade exits west on Pine finally turning north on West Street.
  5. Please direct questions regarding what category you should choose, if uncertain, to [email protected]
  6. What do I do if I have young children or a walking entry and want to save their legs? For walking entries, such as the winner of the Kiddie Parade or 4-H Group, we stage them in the Skunk Train parking lot. The children do not have to arrive early as long as a representative from the entry does arrive to check in between 9:00 & 10:00 a.m. Main and Franklin Streets close at 10:00 a.m. so be sure to have your arrangements made in advance. DO NOT PARK IN THE SKUNK TRAIN PARKING LOT. The Skunk Train parking lot, other than designated areas, is reserved for Skunk Train passengers.
  7. Why is my entry put behind the horses? We do the best we can to spread out the entries in such a manner to minimize “obstacles.” The same is true of trucks, loud music, and the like. We make every effort to arrange the parade in such a way as animals will not be spooked by loud noise and walking entries do not immediately follow entries which may create “obstacles” on the road. We are always looking for a resource recovery crew to follow behind the horses.
  8. May I throw candy from or hand out samples of any produce from my entry? NO. This is against California Law as it creates a safety hazard. We have had significant problems with this in the past and any entry which is throwing candy or other items from the float or enticing parade patrons to walk up to the entry for samples will be told to leave the parade.
  9. Where do I pick up my prizes? Prizes will be mailed to you within 45-days of the end of the parade. If you do not receive your prize please send an email to [email protected] .
  10. Does my entry have to relate to the parade theme? Yes.
  11. Can the Paul Bunyan Association limit entries in the parade based upon the content of their entry? Yes. The Paul Bunyan Association has secured a permit through the City of Fort Bragg to provide a community service to the local citizens and visitors. We require that all entries relate to the parade theme.
  12. What happens at parade check in? At parade check in you will receive an envelope with your number in the parade, a form which tells you not to throw candy from the float, as well as, other relevant information. We will provide blue non-stick tape and safety pins for purposes of attaching the numbers to clothing or the entries exterior. Once you get your number check in should be.
  13. When do the judges, judge? All entries are viewed by the judges prior to the start of the parade and at the reviewing stand on Main St. in front of The Company Store. The results are then placed upon the website, Facebook and emailed to local media for distribution.

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