Old Fashion Dress Review

It’s time once again for the Old Fashion Dress Review, one of Paul Bunyan Days earliest traditions.

The review returns to St Michael’s, at N. Franklin and Fir. (click here for map)

The show starts at 2:00 pm, Saturday of Labor Day weekend and admission is free. Many of Fort Bragg’s finest ladies and loveliest girls will be on hand to model historic dresses and outfits, providing a trip into history through fashion of the day.

Fashion from days-gone-by has a certain kind of charm and a unique appeal. Some of the gowns and outfits make one long for the good old days, others make women happy they live today!

You’ll see outfits from Fort Bragg Footlighter productions, plus ones inherited and collected just for this review.

If you have a dress or outfit to share, or a desire to participate, contact Joseph Sverko, manager of the dress review, at 707-964-1896 or 707- 961-0365.