Open Studios

Studio Tour Artists
Studio Tour Artists

Open Studios will be a two day art-filled weekend. A free, self-guided tour open to the public, visitors can choose to visit any number of open studios and discover the original art – paintings, photography, sculpture, jewelry, ceramics and other unique works — by 15 Fort Bragg artists. Artists will share techniques and discuss what inspires their work.

Open Studios 2016 will be Sat Sept 3 and Sun Sept 4 from 11 am to 5pm. There will be a show of one piece from each artist for the entire month of September with a 1st Friday Art Opening Sept 2 at Interior, 224 E Redwood, Fort Bragg. A map of open studios will be available. Arcata Plaza

Open studios include:

  • Eleanor Harvey and Kathy Carl, 24729 Sashandie Ln, Fort Bragg
  • Claire Fortier, 23536 Greentree Dr, Fort Bragg
  • John & Judy Hewitt, 32520 Lassen Dr, Fort Bragg
  • Barbara Bybee, 735 1/2 Perkins St, Fort Bragg
  • Sabine Brunner at Littlecup Ceramics, 325 A East Redwood Ave, Fort Bragg
  • Jacquelyn & Christopher Cisper, 250 N Harrison St, Fort Bragg
  • Sara Liner at Sea Charge Workshop 366 n Main St, Fort Bragg
  • Sandy Oppenheimer & John Fisher, 19600 Benson Ln, Fort Bragg
  • Ron Ortman and Annie Kuhn, 30581 Simpson Ln, Fort Bragg
  • Suzi Marquess Long at The Watertower Gallery Albion & Kasten St Mendocino

Cove at Ward Ave


For more information contact Jacquelyn or Christopher Cisper at 707-962-3083. email or visit their Facebook page: